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Promotion Corner

Promotion corner and islands are elements used in events and in aisles at the point of sale. They provide a natural space at the point of sale or events that can offer our client’s products.


The main function of these elements is to identify a place and give it more visibility and impact to enable the public to see or find the company’s products more easily.



At Gigantia we carry out promotion corner and island projects using the very best standards in quality and design and effectively comply with with our clients’ preferences. That’s why we use different types of materials and the best machinery available, and by doing so we offer our clients specialised projects that can satisfy their need to improve communication and the image of the brand of product.


If you’d like more information about the promotional islands and corners we design and make at Gigantia, contact us without any obligations. We also invite you to visit our website to see the many projects we’ve worked on in displays, PLV and packaging. Work like this can be perfectly integrated into your marketing strategy and will help you to improve your company’s image.


  • Create your own space. A special surrounding, where you can offer your clients amazing and creative solutions, with your brand name and product front and centre. A completely personalised format which is ideal for festivals, department stores and big events, where providing something spectacular is always a bonus.