Alarm Cover

Alarm cover are a type of POS that camouflages the anti-theft alarms located in the entrance of many stores. One of the objectives of any company is to constantly communicate its brand or products to its clients. In other words, you communicate, or your audience doesn’t know you exist. To make this communication a reality, a company makes use of any physical element in its reach to achieve a higher profile and more visibility. That’s where the value of this POS element comes into play. Any element available to the company is valid for communication and the alarm cover lets it do this from the moment a customer enters the store.


With this type of POS support, a company can cover an element that has little aesthetic impact on the customer, and convert it into an excellent display while giving more ambience to the store.




Alarm cover can be adapted to the measures required by the client and can take different shapes. This is another of the great advantages they offer, since they are not static elements that should appear in just one size and shape, quite the opposite, they can be adapted to the client’s preferences. They also offer tremendous design possibilities thanks to the type of POS element.




They are highly effective since alarm covers are usually placed at the store entrance, which means a lot of visibility because they are in an area where customers pass by. Even it customers decide not to enter the store and pass in front of it, opportunities for communication still exist. It’s an economical, comfortable and simply option for communicating the company’s brand or products.


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  • This POS display covers up anti-shoplifting alarms which are located at the entrances of a number of businesses. This way, it provides a tremendous advertising display, as well as creating the right setting for the shop. These displays can be adapted to the needs of each individual client, and come in a variety of forms. They’re extremely effective, thanks to their high visibility (every customer walks by the display when they enter or exit the store) and their immense design potential.