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Box Pallet

Our aim at Gigantia with the box pallet is to gain greater visibility for our client’s products in the establishment. It’s very important for a company to stand out from its competitors at the point of sale, using any element it can to attract a broader audience.




The box pallet is a resource used by a lot of our clients because of the many advantages it offers, such as enabling maximum use of the space available in the store while letting the company communicate its brand or products to the public in the establishment. In other words, it’s not an advertising tool that invades the limited space available in a store because it covers the palletised products. The box pallet is a very comfortable medium for distribution companies, precisely because they have limited spaces in their establishments and they market a lot of references and products.




In addition to their functional qualities, they have the added bonuses of size (although this can be adapted to different measurements, according to the type of pallet), long useful life and versatility, since we can make use of parts of their surface and only replace specific areas to change promotions and lengthen their useful life. They can have back panels to achieve greater space for displays.




They are usually made of cardboard, although we use other materials that can improve the end product. Our aim is to satisfy our clients’ needs and adapt our box pallet projects to the material that best matches the project specified by the client.


Besides our pallet boxes, we can take on other projects in displays, PLV and packaging. Go to our website for more information about them.


  • This support provides you with a wonderful way to show off in store items while also allowing you to have more space. This POS advertising of palletised products is used in commercial centres. It’s very simple in terms of distribution. Its spectacular size (which can, incidentally, be adapted to various pallet sizes), is complimented by a high level of versatility and durability. We can utilise different parts of its surface to simply substitute one promotional display for another, which means that this product is infinitely usable. They can have shelves and back panels, which provides them with a greater display area. Usually made of cardboard, but can also be made of other materials.