Tigre Gigantia


GIGANTIA‘s machines work extremely fast and never stop.


Print at industrial size without losing detail.

We need ensure that we work at a speed that matches your busy schedule. This is why we work using big machines (very, very big machines) in order to carry out large scale offset printing. Hardly anyone in Spain (or Europe, for that matter) can offer you such impressive printing machinery.

It’s not necessarily the size that makes the difference; it’s that we’re extremely well equipped. We have a wide variety of machines which offer all kinds of graphic design possibilities. You can choose any kind of finish for your product, and we provide an exceptionally quick and high quality service.


Gigantia, as a printing machinery company, offers you the largest offset printer on the market: the KBA 205. Measuring 1510x2050mm, it gives us (and you) incredible work potential. To give you an idea, it has the capacity to print 1000 billboard-sized sheets of paper in 8 hours.

And if that’s not enough, now you can enjoy a new gem: the DURST RHO P10 250 industrial production printer. With a printing width of 2.5 metres, it can print 1200x1200mm on any kind of material at a speed of 400 m²/h.