Advertising Totem

The advertising totems offered by Gigantia are large and highly versatile vertical elements. They can offer highly dynamic advertising to a large audience.


They also have a lot of advantages. Advertising totem is delivered in folded from and can be easily assembled in just a few minutes. They can also be easily transported anywhere. For example, if your company attends different events in a week and you need to take the advertising totems with you, you can do so without any problems as they can be very easily transported.


At Gigantia we manufacture the advertising totem using a number of different materials in line with our clients’ specifications. What’s more, the materials are adapted to resist bad weather, and can cope with the wind, rain, sun, etc.


We know that each client is unique, and that’s why we offer personalised projects and ensure the best in quality standards. We use the best machinery available to make our advertising totems. This means using the latest technology in the sector for our projects.


We don’t only make advertising totems, we can also provide projects for displays, PLV and packaging. Don’t wait, visit our website to find out more about us with no obligations, for detailed information about all our projects.


  • Vertical displays which are very easy to assemble. They are delivered folded and are ready to use in a few seconds. A highly attractive and versatile option.