Counter Display

A counter display is an advertising element that can attract the public’s attention at the end phase of the consumer purchasing process. The importance of this element revolves around the need companies have to generate a constant sensation of newness in its products, that’s why they use elements such as these because they can regularly offer a renewed and different image of the products being sold. At Gigantia we fully understand how important this is, that’s why we regard ourselves as one of the best companies in the area of counter display, offering our clients the very product they were looking for.


It’s a product that responds very well to the needs of small stores, which is a market that traditionally uses this type of advertising display.




We do our work with the best machinery available. We are one of the few counter display companies in Spain with state of the art machinery that can do high quality work, to make the best use of the time required to complete the project.




Out of the counter display companies in the market today, Gigantia is the one that best responds to the needs and preferences of its clients. We know that companies want to make the best use of any advertising resource to improve the image of its business and generate more brand value. That’s why we recommend that you visit our website and see the projects we do for displays, PLV and packaging.


  • The best way to get yourself in the most vital position for small businesses, where purchases are made. Place yourself close to your customers with these displays.