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In this post we’re going to pay special attention to the property agency sector and talk about what elements are essential for boosting an estate agent’s image and visibility. The property sector is growing, in fact, it’s reaching turnovers similar to those it had before the crisis. According to the Spain IPD Index, which is the result of the analysis of more than 500 assets valued at over 20,500 million euros belonging to the main market investors, last year the profitability of this sector reached 13.3% (a higher figure than the ones recorded before the crisis).

This reaffirms the need to use advertising that best communicates our brand and what we do. Gigantia is one of the large format printing companies that can best answer to your needs in the sector, since we study developments in the market and interpret how companies can communicate better, be more visible and improve their market share.

Advertising flags to attract the public’s eye

Advertising flags can’t help but attract the public’s eye thanks to their constant movement and their colours in the case of outdoor flags, and for the elegance indoor flags transmitwhen a customer enters an estate agent. And it’s an element that’s very easy to transport to a property sector event or fair you’re planning to attend.

Advertising flags enable you to transmit a better image, and make you stand out from the competition, so giving you that extra touch of differentiation.

Vertical display signage to advertise your property projects

This is definitely the advertising element that will most effectively advertise your agency’s projects. The term vertical displays refers to items such as advertising billboards on which property agencies display development projects that are soon to be launched. Gigantia is a vertical display company that pays the closest attention to all the details for the special preparation of large billboards, using the best supports and materials available on the market (façades, partitions, vinyls, banners, etc.), and we use a highly qualified team of specialists or cranes for assembly at heights.

Manufacture, assembly and printing of billboards for greater visibility at longer distances

This is the most effective element out of the three we have described. With a billboard printing you get an advertising element that can be located in areas near the property agency, or even next to the land where the development project is going to take place. It’s a static element that offers tremendous visibility at long distances. Another advantage is that people commute the same routes every day and so they will see it not once but several times a day. We at Gigantia are specialists in printing advertising billboards and in the entire assembly process. We offer a comprehensive service where we leave nothing to chance.

We hope that these three elements help you to see how necessary different advertising elements are in Signage and Assembly. You can use them to increase the brand image of your property agency, and find the most powerful way to transmit your values and new projects.

If you think one of the advertising elements and supports we offer suits your agency, contact us for more information.

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