Advertising flags

A project that forms the foundation of our projects at Gigantia is the manufacture of advertising flags in a wide range of materials (glass, stainless steel, aluminium, etc.). Such elements are ideal for outdoor spaces and open areas characterised by large air currents, since in conditions like those advertising flags have greater visibility and more impact. Another advantage of advertising flags is that they don’t require much maintenance and are easy to replace and have the image changed.


Advertising flags are vertical structures designed to have textile banners at the top, which makes their presence in open spaces important. At Gigantia we do these projects in different sizes according to the needs and preferences of our clients.


Outdoor advertising flags inevitably attract someone’s gaze because they are constantly in movement and are brightly coloured, while indoor flags transmit great elegance in any meeting room, office or stand. They can be used in many ways at events, exhibitions and corporate areas.


One of our priorities is to offer our clients a project that surpasses all their expectations, and to do this we have ample facilities where we work with the latest technology available to ensure that manufacturing and assembly are carried out in ideal conditions.


Don’t miss the opportunity to find out more about all our Signage and Assembly work, visit our website to see our projects. Besides advertising flags, we have many other projects available that will surely meet your advertising and communication needs.


  • Advertising flags are ideal for outdoors and open spaces. They are vertical structures designed to hold textile flags on their upper part. They are widely used in events, exhibitions and in private corporate areas.