Vertical display

Thanks to our long and varied experience in this type of work, we are regarded as one of the vertical display that best meets clients’ needs in the sector. We understand their advertising needs and offer them the best solutions possible to enable their brand to have a lot more visibility and impact with a little help from us. At Gigantia we have a large specialist vertical display team with a lot of experience in this kind of project. They have all the skills needed to assembly, disassembly and transport any outdoor advertising element.


We know how important it is for the client to meet with advertising deadlines. That’s why we keep in direct and constant touch with each of our clients in vertical display projects, and use the latest technology and machinery available on the market. All this qualifies us as one the best vertical display companies in the sector, able to satisfy the needs and wishes of our clients.


We use different types of supports for vertical display projects: facades, partitions, etc., different options are needed to enable the project to be adapted to our clients’ preferences and comply with their budget and requirements.


Whatever the size of the project proposed by the client, there’s no problem, because, as our name suggests, big is beautiful! We are one of the few vertical display companies in the market with the special skills to prepare large billboards or high-adhesion vinyls for walls.


Here are some examples of projects we have done. You can see detailed images of some of the projects carried out by one of the most experienced vertical display signage companies in the market. Find out more about all the services we offer in Signage and Assembly services for a range of advertising elements on our website. With our help, you’ll ensure that your company increases its visibility ratings and generates more and better business opportunities.


  • Vinyls and canvases


  • Façades, party walls…


  • Special manufacture for large canvases, high-adherence vinyl for walls.


  • Assembly by qualified workmen or with a crane.