Facade canvases printing

Out of the many elements available to boost the advertising strategy of any company, facade canvases printing are without a doubt one of the most elements that have the greatest impact on the public. The messages that companies advertise via this type of element are very effective thanks to their large size.


Here at Gigantia we are experts in facade canvases printing. We use a wide range of materials for this type of work, such as microperforated canvas. We also use different resources, depending on the type of coverage.


We draw up made-to-measure designs for facade canvases printing, without any limit on size. This service includes high quality preparation, assembly and lighting that taken together contribute towards increasing visibility of the banner.


You can see below the type of facade canvases printing projects we have done at Gigantia over the years.  See them to get a better idea of why out clients have so much trust in us.


Besides our facade canvases printing work, you can also find out more about our other specialised large format printing projects. See each type of project on our website.


  • Frontlit
  • High-quality micro-perforated canvas


  • Building façade banners
  • Scaffolding banners


  • Preparation service
  • Assembly and lighting service


  • No size limit. Tailor-made. Reinforced along the edge with a silicon seal.