Bus lettering

Partial or complete signage of a vehicle, in this case a bus, turns the vehicle into a mobile advertising resource for communicating your brand, logo or company. With a mobile communications resource like this your advertising gets to wherever you want, to everyone in the city and even reaches other cities.


At Gigantia we use a range of materials for bus lettering, such as canvases, removable vinyl and microperforated vinyl. We work to create innovative shapes and designs that can communicate ideas as effectively and directly as possible.


We set out to offer a combination of perfect factors, which bring together: design, quality and innovation. Our aim is to be the best bus lettering company and to do this we offer a communication tool that can save a considerable sum in terms of advertising investment for our customers.


Below you can see some examples of our most important work in bus lettering.


You can also discover many of the other services we have available in large format printing in different elements and media.


  • Canvases
  • Removable and microperforated vinyl (for windows)


  • Personal transport
  • Urban transport


  • Placement and assembly


  • Removable vinyl for short term advertising campaigns. For longer campaigns, the vinyl comes coated with anti-abrasion and anti-corrosion varnish. Windows come with microperforated window vinyl.