Unipole design

Unipoles are one of the tools most widely used by companies to generate greater visibility and
awareness of their brand or business. That’s why we at Gigantia know all about the importance
of unipole design and the tremendous possibilities it offers our clients. It is a
very economical tool that can be seen from long distances.


Custom unipole design


We are a company that has all the facilities and machinery available on the market to carry out
any unipole project as effectively and appropriately as possible. We also work with a range of
media and materials so we can adapt to our clients’ preferences. In large formats, small formats
or in conventional sizes, in vinyl or in fabric, whatever you want, we at Gigantia can do it for you.
Our design and production department works hard to make the best unipole designs that most
closely match our clients’ tastes and requirements.


The aim of our work is not just a good unipole design or getting the client to use our product, but also
making it generate value for the client. That’s why we make every effort to be in constant
contact with our clients to make them feel that they participate and are up to date with the latest
on their unipole project.


It doesn’t matter if you give us a project in Valencia, Madrid or Andalusia. Our unipole services
are available throughout Spain.


Visit our website to find out more about the other services we offer in Signage and Assembly.
Besides our unipoles, you have a lot of other advertising services at your disposal that will
surely fit your needs. Just contact us.

Materials of unipole design

  • Vinyl
  • Canvas

Formats of unipole desing

  • Large format
  • Small format
  • Conventional. 12x5m
  • Other dimensions. 8x3m. 6x4m…

Services of unipole desing

  • Installation and assembly.

Details of unipole desing

  • Long duration vinyl campaigns. Short duration canvas campaigns. Backlighting possible.