Special action

At Gigantia, one of the major special action signage companies in Spain, we make any kind of
signage and installation a reality, no matter how complicated, we can do it. We guarantee you a
large format advertising location, strategically placed that can ensure high impact visual


We stand out from our competitors because we always prioritise our clients’ needs, tastes and
preferences when designing and manufacturing any special action. We put different materials
and supports at their disposal that can contribute towards to making any special action signage
project even better, so that clients can see all the different options and select the one that best
suits both their pocket and their concept.


Our technical team has the latest technology and machinery in the market that can carry out
any project quickly and efficiently. We know that in advertising time is of the essence to quickly
respond to the communication needs set by the target audience. That’s why we having
resources necessary to ensure that the design, manufacture and delivery deadlines are met as
soon as possible is one of the bases of our company. It is an essential factor that any special
action signage company like Gigantia needs to understand and make an essential part of its
working practices.


See some examples of the special action work we have done over the years, in the course of
our history as one of the most important special action signage companies in Spain.


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