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Totem design

Totems are large, high-visibility vertical elements that give a lot of presence and spectacle when compared to other more conventional signage alternatives, and thanks to the fact that they are firmly anchored to the ground means they can be made at heights to ensure maximum impact. It is an excellent identifier that provides very dynamic, high-resolution advertising. Totem design enable our clients to display their brand or business in a highly original manner, and above all, in large sizes, so that they can be seen from long distances 7 days a week, 365 days a year.


We can adapt our totem design and manufacturing process to our clients’ needs and preferences because we offer a wide range of highly versatile materials and finishes for any project: aluminium, steel, copper, etc. We know that our client’s budget is important and so we adapt to it because at Gigantia we offer a wide range of materials at economical prices. Our products are adapted to the environment where they are installed, using rust-proof materials to give a long useful life to our totems.


At Gigantia we transform our totem designs into panels with different shapes, which may consist of a vertical panel or two juxtaposed ones. The second option gives for a very beautiful and decorative effect that makes maximum use of any space.


We also have all the resources and technology at our disposal to respond to our client’s most demanding orders. With our resources we ensure that the design and manufacture of the totems is carried out in ideal, efficient working conditions.


See below for some totem designs we have worked on. You can see the quality of our work with your own eyes. Take a look at our Signage and Assembly section to find out more about the many other types of projects we do. Take a look and you’ll surely find other projects that suit your advertising needs and give more visibility to your business.


  • This vertical format stands out from other more conventional signage by bringing a lot of presence and showiness. It’s an excellent identifier and enables you to display your brand in very original ways. As it is firmly fixed to the ground, it can reach very noticeable heights. The finishes are very versatile, with materials such as aluminum, steel, copper… that bring elegant touches. Highly versatile, it is also widely used as a signpost.