At Gigantia we know that out of the different supports available to strengthen brand images, large-format banners are one of the platforms which cause the biggest impact and attract a large number of clients. That’s why Maxi Cash has chosen this format to use in their establishments.

señaletica maxi cash

At Gigantia we’ve been working on large-format printing for various years, so we consider ourselves to be experts.
Maxi Cash is relying on Gigantia for their external publicity and has carried out the printing and placement of large-format banners. These were placed on external façades of the Maxi Cash establishments.

Maxi Cash impresion gran formato

At Gigantia we have specialised, expert staff who work with these formats and their placement. Moreover, we have state-of-the-art machinery and materials to achieve excellent, high-quality work.


At Gigantia, all work carried out can be adapted to our clients’ needs. There’s no limit!
We have a huge variety of platforms  that adapt to project requirements, as well as a large range of materials to cover all projects.

maxi cash lonas gran formato


At Maxi Cash the communication strategy has been applied both on the outside and the inside of the establishments. .
On the inside, Gigantia carried out  printing and vinyl placement work in the frozen section, placing vinyls on the walls and the refrigerators.

vinilos congelados

Vinyls with eye-catching, unique designs provide better visibility for the area, that’s why in many establishments vinyls are places in areas where they wish to attract the most customers.
 As well as carrying out large-format and offset printing, at Gigantia we also carry out other signage and assembly and displays, plv and packaging projects. 
 If you have a project in mind, don’t hesitate any longer. Get in touch with us with no commitments to carrying out the project and we’ll clear up any doubts you may have. We’re delighted to be able to work with you. We’re waiting!

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