With each new year, new things come along, and… we at Gigantia haven’t stopped growing! During 2018, we have worked unstintingly on many large projects. And, not content with that, we have invested in our large-format printing company to continue enhancing our service, always thinking of what is best for our clients.

We bring Gigantia to your business

At the end of last year, Gigantia opted to acquire a new corporate fleet which would let us work completely autonomously and without intermediaries, to match the demands of our clients as closely as possible. This means that customer service will depend only on our company, bringing numerous advantages for all relying on us for their offline advertising.

Thanks to the new truck fleet, the efficiency of the service provided in this final phase will be improved. It will mean immediate availability of transport without relying on third parties, improving logistics and speeding up putting any changes necessary into effect.

Likewise, tracking delivery times and shipment traceability will be simpler for both parties. Thus, we will contribute to the flexibility of distribution and of the complete service provided.

For this company, the success of each job does not only lie in printing the advertisements in question, but there is a continuous line between the first contact with the client and actual installation of the project, in any of its formats.

The truck model chosen is Renault, and signage which highlights the corporate colours of the brand has been selected. Our logo also appears, together with the principal services we offer.

Don’t miss the details of our next steps!

Thanks to these changes, we will be working door-to-door and covering the hours desired by each client. Without reliance on intermediaries, the quality and efficacy of the full service will fall to Gigantia, which means that it is a safe bet!

If you would also like to make the most of the benefits offered by working with Gigantia, this is the moment to put your idea into practice. Don’t hesitate any longer and contact us Only you set the limits!

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