From printing to the implementation of large format posters, we tell you about the whole process!

As we always say, at Gigantia we have a go at everything and it doesn’t matter what challenge we are faced with, the greater the better! Have you ever thought of using a large format poster for your business? Then you’ll like to know about everything we can offer.

The communication of a company is essential for its impact, so this format has traditionally been one of the most used tools. The possibilities offered by this technique to inform about the brand, its products or even special promotions, are very broad and interesting for any business. Let us tell you about it!

gigantia rotulacion fachadas

Our large format posters will hep you to achieve results

Surely, when talking about this format, many people think of the use of banners, posters or sheets but… there’s so much more! Large format posters have evolved over time, giving rise to new forms such as totems or physical posters, as well as the use of new practices in their application.

Among the latest materials we use, you can find forex, methacrylate, polycarbonate, polypropylene, glasspack … Whatever is suitable for each case!

The best guarantee of Gigantia’s services comes from the quality of the materials that we use and the use of the latest technology available. This allows us to use digital printing and UV ink on elements up to 2.50m wide. Remember that bigger doesn’t mean losing quality!

In addition, at our large format printing company we ensure that the service is complete and we check the excellence of the results, looking after the entire process. Therefore, not only do we create the supports, but we also offer placement and implantation services in whatever form. It’s not easy with these sizes, is it?

We have no limits!

As you can see, the use of large format posters can help your brand or business in its communication strategy to reach your target audience and expand your recognition. By combining design, the right support and the perfect location, you’ll obtain the impact you want.

At Gigantia we pay special attention to all these aspects of your strategy and we advise you so that you obtain the best results. Whether you’re looking to publicize your company or promote offers on your products or services, we have the solution!

Contact us now and let’s start, you set the limits yourself!

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