Gigantia collaborates with the 28th Outdoor Advertising Meeting

Last month we told you how our large-format printing company had joined the Advertising and Communication Company Federation (FEDE). Over the next few days, the FEDE is holding its annual meeting which brings professionals of the sector together, and we at Gigantia would like to take the occasion to collaborate with this international encounter.

This event will take place in Puerta de Santa María, in Cádiz, from 12 to 14 June. The Outdoor Media Forum has successfully united around 200 companies and professionals from the sector in recent years, not just from Spain but from the whole world, and the expectations for this year are for even larger numbers, reaching some 500 attendees.

Over the three days planned, there will be a series of talks, taking innovation as main topic, with the prominence of the digital era and the advances this brings in all areas. Indeed, the new supports and analytical tools available will be discussed, among other subjects.

Moreover, research will be another major player during the event, as it is intended to analyse the results obtained during large campaigns, delving into improving salience, efficacy and impact, and how to achieve this.

Bearing in mind that the trend in services nowadays is focussed on enhancing experience, interaction in this sector is also taken as a key element.

To illustrate this, campaigns undertaken in numerous countries will be used, starting with the talk by Stephen Freitas, Chief Marketing Officer of the Out Of Home Adverting Association of America, who will provide his knowledge by describing one of the largest actions carried out in the United States. This will be followed by many other experiences set out by experts in the subject.



Apart from all this, participants will also be able to avail of many other activities over those few days. Among these, we will discover the city of Cádiz and there will be networking sessions, where we will be able to exchange visions and good practices based on the track record of each specialist.

Thus, we at Gigantia remain in the vanguard of innovation and developing outdoor advertising, improving our services continually and seeking synergies enabling us to offer the best to our clients. Always pursuing the maximum impact!

See you tomorrow!

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