gigantia advertising totem


One of the advertising formats most demanded in recent years  is the outdoor advertising totem. These are vertical elements of different sizes and materials which are used to give indications, advertise brands or simply to decorate some space.

Thanks to the impact and awareness they generate, many companies trust to this format to display their products or brands in a different way, when compared with other more traditional formats.

One of the latest jobs undertaken by Gigantia, as a company dedicated to large format printing and offset, consisted of manufacturing and installing an advertising totem on a roundabout.


The first step consisted of its design, creating a draft version. The idea consists of emphasising the growing and consumption of grapes, so it was shaped like a wineglass with bunches of grapes around it. Next, we passed to manufacturing the totem. The material used is corten steel, because of its great resistance to weathering.

gigantia advertising totem

After this first design stage and the creation of one of the faces, it is dipped in the oxide and stainless steel bath. The objective is to reinforce the totem even more, its location requiring this because of adverse weather.

gigantia advertising totem

Once ready, it is transported to the zone of installation. This requires rigorous handling and machinery so that it cannot undergo any kind of blow or scratching during the process.

At the roundabout, we resorted to a crane, used for this kind of case where the element is large and maximum care is required to carry it to the exact point of installation.

gigantia advertising totem

Finally, the result is as expected. Despite the difficulty of the installation, the totem was hoisted at exactly the correct point, displaying a large wineglass surrounded by bunches of grapes to all drivers and pedestrians.

gigantia advertising totem

In summary, this is yet another way to make any of our products or brands visible and create awareness, while decorating the space around it.

Remember that you can contact us without any obligation, to carry out the installation of your advertising totem or to clarify any doubts about our services you may have.

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