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Brand implantation

With brand implantation, we make public the physical representation of our brand identity, via visual communication media available to any company. We transmit our values and beliefs via an image that will be the first thing the customer will know about the company. It is therefore a high priority to carry out large format digital printing work for brand implantation.


Work like this allows your company to enjoy greater visibility and transmission in the market where you operate. Large format digital printing projects for brand implantation enable the company to achieve greater presence in areas or zones of the city that might be of interest to the firm.


Here at Gigantia we add value with the technology we use for each large format digital printing brand implantation project because it enables us to improve the quality of the work we do, and reduce the deadlines and streamline the work in the phases of the project.


Besides large format digital printing brand implantation, we also provide many other large format printing services. Go to our website and find out about the many ways we can improve your business image.


You can see below some of the many projects we have been involved in to date. You can see the quality of the work we do in each project.


  • Vinyl
  • Window Vinyl
  • Frontlit Canvas
  • Micro-Perforated Canvas


  • Simultaneous assembly anywhere on the national territory.


  • Campaign implementation in shopping centres, metro stations, etc.