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Backlit billboard

One of the most static elements that generates most success for our clients when they attend fairs and congresses is the backlit billboard. It enables them to make their brand, logo or message stand out over those of the competition.


Backlit billboard is a differentiating element for a company when communicating with its target audience because they attract consumers’ attention. They also have a major advantage over traditional billboards and allow the life of the advertising medium to be lengthened, or rather, they not only communicate during daylight hours, they do the same at night thanks to a powerful lighting system. Another major advantage is that the image stands out much more, along with the colours and landscapes, which makes the whole assembly more attractive.


At Gigantia we focus most of our efforts and resources on excellent printing of backlit billboard. If you want to generate greater impact on your target audience and achieve greater visibility of your brand or company twenty four hours a day, this is one of the most recommendable options.


Below you can see some of the work we have done to date in backlit billboard, to show the quality of the work we do.


Alongside backlit billboard, we carry out a lot of other large format printing projects. See them in the services section of our website.


  • Printing of special canvases for backlit light panels, fairs, dramatic signs… Outside, we extend the lifespan of the format, as it is visible night and day. We guarantee a long duration. With a rear layer of glaze, we enhance the colour, giving it an even more attractive appearance.