We make signage for the Viamed Novo Sancti Petri Hospital in Andalucía

At Gigantia, we specialise in lettering design and installation for all types of signage, exactly how you want it – no matter what the sector, event, or situation. We have many years of experience in large-format and offset printing. That’s exactly we work with clients from all over Spain and help them design and mount their signage.

Looking at the details of the signage at Viamed de Chiclana Hospital

The Viamed Novo Sancti Petri de Chiclana Hospital (Andalucía) got in touch with us: they needed signage for inside the hospital itself, as well as on the outside to show locations of the entrances.

To help them do this, we firstly designed the signage in-house. We maintained the identity of the hospital by matching both the colour scheme and fonts on the new signage.

For greater visibility at night, we inserted a series of LEDs at the back of the signage which switch on when it starts getting dark in the evening. We also made the most of the opportunity to design and manufacture the signage for the ‘Urgencias 24h’ (24-hour accident and emergency) department, as well as the hospital name sign.


Once the design part was complete for both signs, we were able to carefully transport and mount them successfully thanks to our fantastic machinery and equipment, which always guarantees the best results.

Through the use of cranes, both signs were able to be mounted at the very top the building and on the main entrance. As can be observed, the end result is truly spectacular.

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Contact us today to get your project up and running! We offer 3 main types of service: large-format printing, PLV/packaging, and signage design/installation. We offer 3 main types of service Large-format printing, , PLV/packaging, and signage design and installation.

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