• Machine: KBA RAPIDA 205 Automatic.
  • Maximum size: Sheets of 2050mm. x 1510mm.
  • Printing options: 4 colours.
  • Details: Offset Press with automatic sheet printing and CIP 4 technology.


  • 120g. paper. Blueback. For short print runs.
  • Paper 150g (for stationary advertising). With glazing.
  • Matte coated poster paper. Volume 115g.
  • Matte coated paper for all kinds of paper (advertising).
  • Double sided gloss coated paper 250g.
  • Grey paperboard back for all kinds of paper.
  • Foldable white-wood paper.
  • Foldable craft paper.


  • Offset advertising fence signs. Top quality national advertising campaigns.
  • Stationary publicity in public zones. Long print runs.
  • Overhead signs.
  • Interior signage. Up to 165 LPI.
  • POS, displays, pallet boxes and packaging.