3d signs for businesses gigantia suma


Recently, the supermarket chain Suma, an important company with over 10 years in the grocery sector, decided to trust us with the manufacture, assembly and design of the 3D signs for businesses for a new outlet of the chain as a large format printing company.

This supermarket chain has deposited all its trust in us for us to carry out the best possible work of signage which consists not only of the mere manufacture, design and assembly of the 3D sign for businesses, but can also convey the values and attitudes which swirl around the Suma brand.

It has been the conjunction of all this that led to a perfect result which is very highly appreciated by the client.

A manufacturing phase for the 3D sign characterised by efficiency and proactivity

During the manufacturing phase for the 3D sign, our technicians have employed our best techniques and machinery as necessary to round off an initial phase which made manifest the needs transmitted by the client.

For this work in particular, on the one hand, an illuminated box of stretched fabric was created. As can be seen, our technicians are alert to the tiniest details.

3d signs for businesses gigantia suma

And on the other hand, a banner. An advertising element which is a perfect complement to the 3D sign and lets the client put it up or take it down at will, depending on their advertising needs at each moment. 

3d signs for businesses gigantia supermarket suma

The assembly of our 3D sign culminated perfectly, with a perfect job

For this phase, we made further contact with the supermarket chain to see more specifically what kind of assembly and signage they were looking for, and which one we believed would increase the visibility of their business. We reached the conclusion that the best way to make the 3D sign stand out was using signage in translucent vinyl lit inside with modular LEDs.

The final result of this work gave us an illuminated 3D sign capable of increasing the visibility of the establishment for more hours per day, and even by night.

At Gigantia, not only are we satisfied with the result, but also with the fact that we’ve contributed to helping this company extend its brand and values wherever it wishes, and, perhaps, to serve as a means of reaching its objectives in the future.

If you would like to know more about our signage and assembly work, please do not hesitate to contact us as often as you need to.

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