Facade canvases

As one of the best facade canvases signage companies in Spain, we are convinced that first
image says everything about a company and its brand. Facade canvaess signage enables
companies to gain more visibility, not only with the public that enters the premises, but also with
everyone that passes by. Their large size means that they can be seen from long distances,
safe in the knowledge that the message transmitted shall be seen and understood.


A company’s outdoor facade canvases are an essential part of any corporate building, since
they are the first thing a customer sees, and they can be personalised and should be visually
full of impact.


For work like this where specialisation stands out, it is necessary to have different materials and
supports on hand. At Gigantia we use different types of vinyls and canvases that can make our
clients’ ideas a reality. As an added bonus we have a wide range of supports available (facades,
partitions, etc.) that make us a facade canvas signage company with some of the best projects
available on the market.


At Gigantia we are aware of the importance of placing the company’s name and logotype or any
message the firm wants to transmit in a highly visible location. To do this it is very important to
have all the materials and supports we mentioned above, but above all, to have a wide range of
services that can ensure the project is a success, such as our special preparation services for
large canvases or our high-adhesion vinyls for walls. We also have an installation service with
workers who are highly qualified to work at heights and cranes.


All these features place us as one of the most complete facade canvases signages companies on
the market, with the most specialised manufacture and installation services available.  See
some examples of work done to date, and some signage projects for major companies who
placed their trust in us.


Go to our Signage and Assembly section to find out more about the services we offer. We can
satisfy your advertising needs.


  • Vinyls and canvases


  • Façades, printed building designs…


  • Specialised manufacturing of large canvases, high-adhesion vinyl for walls


  • Assembly provided by qualified building climber or with crane.