As we have been commenting to you in our recent posts, large-format printing is a sector which continues to grow, and a year full of novelties is on offer for those interested.

Just as can be seen in the most recent Global Print 2025 study from Quorcirca, 64% of the participant companies think that print is still a decisive medium for their brand, and it will continue to be so until 2025. This means we can expect that the large-format printing scene will continue to be favourable for 2019.

Indeed, the stage is set in 2019 for the development of new models and applications which drive the growth and efficiency of these services forward even more strongly.


In recent years, large-format printing has become one of the predominant channels for those companies seeking major impact for their advertising campaigns. More and more companies are integrating these actions into their strategy and allocating resources to them, thanks to their numerous advantages and the way they complement other channels. This is because the sector only makes up 18% of the total for print, and this means we find, not a saturated market, but one with plenty of scope for growth.

During 2019, attention will be focussed painstakingly on the preferences of the target audience. While it is true that quality in the printing and in the materials used are necessary for the success of any action, the understanding of the public to whom the campaign is directed, and how they behave, continue to be decisive to the outcome. This will require placing special emphasis on the user experience and the positioning of the brand itself to achieve an appropriate design and site for grabbing attention.

Among the well-known printing services, one thing that stands out is the rise in vehicle signage, due to its high impact, in the same way that event advertising will start to grow, turning the print elements into a key factor. Both for stands at fairs and outdoor advertising, originality, from this point of view, will be a distinguishing feature. Likewise, canvases will continue to grow because of the good results they yield in the right place.

An increase is also expected in relief printing, principally because it is different and has visual impact. This is a technique based on 3D printing which turns out to be ideal for markings or designs which aim to be especially mould-breaking.

With regard to spaces, indoor signage, such as at the reception or on the walls of a premises, which attracts attention from outside or is a distinctive element, will become more common. First impressions matter!

As for technology, the revolution is ongoing. We at Gigantia follow the latest innovations closely,. as we have always done up to now. Our objective is to always offer the best to our clients.

In the case of UV printing, this is expected to continue its rise due to its efficiency. On the one hand, it dries instantaneously, thus saving time, and on the other, it can be adapted to virtually anywhere, making it highly versatile.

Finally, what is perhaps one of the outstanding trends over the last few years is also coming to large-format printing. Sustainability is increasingly the objective of many brands and a concern for society in general. Many companies place their attention on the environmental impacts of their practices, and they work to gain “green” certification which accredits these.


Given all this, there should be no doubt that 2019 will be a year full of novelties and challenges. At Gigantia, as a leading large-format printing company in the sector, we keep on top of the latest trends and direct our effort at continuing to add value to our clients.

We’re ready to for another year of work, thinking big!

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