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The human being is ever more visual. As time passes, we read less and focus more on the information reaching us from an image, photograph or even an emoji. The way information is transmitted has evolved, and therefore, brands need to adapt to the new forms of communication so they aren’t left behind and can continue in their leading positions.

Media Markt is one of the companies betting the most on this concept. This is why every year, it counts on us as a large format printing and offset company which is a benchmark in the market, to remodel its communications on the façades of its different shops around the country.

We can observe an example of this at this Media Markt shop in Masalfasar, Valencia.

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This is highly important, as it conveys the main idea it is desired to get across. In this case, Media Markt uses a forceful, complete question and answer, next to a striking image, so capturing the attention of any user.

In addition, it’s also very common to decorate other spaces of the façade, other than the main one.

media markt store image brand gigantia

In this way, the brand remains present in another space, even competing with others. Thus we see the importance of sound visual communication, as it is the lure for many users.

We can see another example at the Media Markt shop in Avenida Cortes Valencianas, Valencia.

In this case, the communication is made occupying the entire main façade of the building hosting it, and adapting to its features. In this case, even windows are covered so more information can be added.

media markt store image brand gigantia

In summary, companies are grateful for this kind of large format printing to increase their visibility and beef up their presence in an ever more visual world. Thanks to brand implantation, companies like Media Markt entrust us every year to carry out the steps entailed by the preparation, installation and removal of these designs.

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