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Gigantia joins the FEDE!

Gigantia does not cease in its objective of continuous improvement and joins the FEDE (Federation of Advertising and Communication Companies). This association has more than 110 individual and 120 collective members, and also has more than 40 years’ experience.

The FEDE brings together companies and professionals in the areas of marketing and advertising, including outdoor advertising, in which Gigantia is a specialist. As if that were not enough, it has recently been integrated into the Association of Agencies of Spain, thus combining forces.

Our commitment to value as a large format printing company

This Federation includes some advisory services in all fields, such as management, jurisprudence, or finance among its advantages. In addition, it promotes research and continuous training, key aspects for the success of any business.

On the other hand, one of the most pronounced aspects in the sector is the lack of transparency in the service. Therefore, all companies grouped in this, association are developing a code that values the work being done. With the aim of providing customers with greater security.

This is one of the many practices carried out by the FEDE and that we incorporate in Gigantia as a large format printing company, as proof of our commitment to customer service.

In addition, the Federation is not only responsible for aspects that affect the end customer, but it regulates many aspects of the operation of the associated companies to ensure the effectiveness of their processes. This practice is very effective considering that it comes from an agent that is external to the company and, therefore, without conflicting interests.

All this becomes even more necessary if we take into account the current situation between the digital and offline world, where the lines between the two are increasingly blurred. It is necessary to differentiate many aspects of the work, as well as the value of both according to the planned objectives.

On the other hand, conferences are organised by specialist sectors in different Spanish locations to share good practices and analyse the novelties of the industry, thus being able to apply this to each particular case.


It’s the turn of your outdoor advertising!

As always, at Gigantia we seek to continuously improve in all areas with the aim of achieving the best service for our customers. If you need to launch an effective campaign with the greatest impact, do not hesitate to contact us and we will advise you of all options. It’s time!

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