Gigantia y Heron City mupi senior

15 years of work and trust with Heron City

The catch-phrase ‘Practice #Happyocio‘ was on display last year in each of Heron City’s flagship stores and cities to mark the 15th anniversary of the brand. So we joined forces with them, as we have always done, to ensure everything would work according to plan.

The importance of communication and daily presence

At Gigantia, as the solid large-format and offset printing company that we are, we rely heavily on the importance of communication as well as the day-to-day brand presence for our clients. That is why our clients can rest assured their success is guaranteed, as it is the case with Heron City, and that they will boast plenty of presence at so significant a time of year.

For this, we developed a number of actions aimed at making customers aware of the message Heron City wanted to get across on its 15th anniversary: happiness, enthusiasm, and the joy of having a great time together.

Gigantia Heron City impresión de banderolas

One of these actions was based on banner printing. These are dull canvases, mainly hanging on street lamps, that allow for double-sided printing and a constant display of the advertising message, which can be viewed from either direction.

The main campaign slogan (‘Practice #Happyocio’) was printed on these advertising canvases together with the smiley faces of a few girls – the key image of the anniversary.

Gigantia, large-format printing experts

Gigantia Heron City vinilo antideslizante

Another job we carried out was the application of non-slip vinyl printed in large format at the highest quality, which was placed by the main entrance, next to the movie theatre. Displaying the aforementioned image and slogan, it created a welcoming effect at one of the top hotspots of the leisure centre. To give it one last touch the stair risers were embellished and the resulting visual effect was quite extraordinary.

This is a wide-scale type of brand implementation which differs from typical formats while utilising all available resources, giving way to a novel, more appealing image.

Presence inside and outside the leisure centre

Marquesina Gigantia Heron City

In addition to the many actions carried out all across the centre, big areas of Valencia and Madrid were decorated with MUPIs and seniors  for the reinforcement of brand awareness and image.

This format is highly appropriate, as suggested by some media studies that indicate people spend over 50% of their time outdoors. Therefore, out in the street everyone is exposed to outdoor advertising, be it bus stop ads, billboards or posters, as the main examples.

Unquestionably, at Gigantia we are experts in this type of printing, as not only do we take care of production, but we are also in charge of distribution nationwide to fulfil each and every need on the part of our clients. This explains why so many Spanish clients from all across the nation reach out to us to bring such important projects to fruition. 

Gigantia y Heron City mupi senior

15 years of hand-in-hand work towards obtaining the best possible outcomes

Thanks to our hard work and determination, we are proud to have clients as relevant as Heron City which, for the past 15 years, have trusted us with the rollout of their most ambitious campaigns. Do not hesitate to contact us with no obligation if there is a project you would like to put together. We are here to assist you!

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