Rótulo iluminado Banca March - Gigantia

We have designed and assembled the sign of Banca March!

At Gigantia we have a solid, long background in large-format and offset printing. Our catalogue boasts a wide range of types of projects within our 3 main serviceslarge-format printing, projects based on displays, POS ads and packaging and lettering and assembly.

Next you can find one of our joint ventures with the banking organisation Banca March. Continue reading to find out about the details of the manufacturing and assembly of these banners.

Gigantia, experts in designing backlit brand signage

The first stage is known as “Design of signage”. It is according to the needs of the client that we decide which type to use. In this case we designed backlit banners.

This type of advertising allows for the incorporation of backside LEDs for enhanced, greater visibility. We decided in favour of perforated aluminium sheet with an internal structure and ice white methacrylate-based cutout text with a thickness of 19mm.

Rótulo iluminado de Banca March Gigantia

After completion of design and once everything is ready, we moved on to the second and last stage consisting of the assembly of the signage. This is the hardest part of the process due to transportation requirements, since the measurement is 15×0,8m. However, transportation was carried out seamlessly thanks to our equipment.

Rótulo iluminado de Banca March Gigantia

Once at the installation site, with the help of our equipment the installation of the main sign, alongside the outer component, was timely performed without a problem; we then checked the proper functioning of the illumination system.

Rótulo iluminado de Banca March Gigantia

Another successful project by Gigantia

At Gigantia we are very mindful of how important this type of components are for each business, hence our detailed, tailor-made approach to every step of the design and assembly process of every brand sign, a process that provides top-quality results.

So why hold it off? Get  in touch with us to implement your corporate signage project. Whether indoors or outdoors, backlit or opaque, at Gigantia you will find the option that is suitable for you. Come meet us and let us get your next project started!

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